the state of create

Adobe interviewed 5,000 adults across the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Japan and, not surprisingly, most respondents (75%) agreed with the statement, “There is increasing pressure to be productive rather than creative at work”. They also learned “Lack of time is seen as the biggest barrier to creativity (47% globally, 52% in United States)”. Shocking revelations, really.

Sarcasm aside, I found the responses to “Which one of the following (unnamed) countries do you feel is the most creative?” quite interesting. The image below is from the published study <found here>.

The U.S. respondents felt they are from the most creative country, the French respondents voted for France, the U.K. respondents… you get the picture. The phenomenon here is that all the respondents voted Japan has the second most creative country, including respondents within Japan. I have no idea if this holds any meaning but my read on it is the Japanese respondents are more modest.

This prompted me to wonder how one evaluates whether a country is more creative than another. Does the most creative country publish more books? Distribute more fonts? Have more museums? Own more patents? Or, given that every individual has the potential to be creative is it a matter of which country has more people? I guess in the end this slide doesn’t mean much at all.

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