a tisket, a tasket

A really tall basket…

I love when inspiration strikes. This time it came in the form of a pretty new stitch that I learned and it seemed a shame to stop at standard basket height. So I kept going. And now I have yoga mat bags to add to my line-up on etsy. Brilliant, right? Well, maybe not brilliant, but definitely fun and a functional project for yogis on the go.


If you’re new to crocheting, a yoga mat bag is a great beginner project. The premise is pretty straightforward, begin by creating a circle base that is slightly larger than the diameter of your rolled up yoga mat. Just about any stitch will work for the walls of the bag – if you’re looking for ideas check out 262 Crochet Patterns. End the bag a couple inches shorter than the height of your yoga mat for a snug fit – the weight of your yoga mat will stretch the bag around the top of your mat. Most of the patterns I’ve found sew the strap horizontally from top to bottom, I created mine vertically. Either way, be sure to secure the strap securely at the top and the bottom because those are the weakest points of the structure. Emily at Joyful Abode posted a yoga mat bag pattern that is very similar to what I made.


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