snakes bone

IMG_2745Despite the not-so-nice, yet descriptive, moniker, the Turkish lace pattern, “snakes bone” has pretty results. And while it looks complicated, it’s actually a very simple pattern to follow:

IMG_2770Begin by stringing an even number of beads on your thread. Chain one to start and then pull a bead down, chain around it, flip your work over 180 degrees and crochet a single stitch in the first chain you created. Repeat from where you pulled the bead down. Deceptively simple, right?

IMG_2755The necklaces pictured are made with hemp – resulting in sturdy, casual pieces of jewelry. I like to use magnetic clasps on my work for easy on-and-off. If you’re feeling brave, try working the pattern with a sparkly bead on one side only, perhaps in nice a soft thread to create an elegant choker.

Visit Bead Crochet Snakes for a step by step tutorial with pictures.

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