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snakes bone

Despite the not-so-nice, yet descriptive,┬ámoniker, the Turkish lace pattern, “snakes bone” has pretty results. And while it looks complicated, it’s actually a very simple pattern to follow: Begin by stringing an even number of beads on your thread. Chain one … Continue reading

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vintage versatility

It seems like crochet necklaces are becoming more popular. I don’t have any stats to back that statement up, but if you search for crochet necklaces on etsy the variety of styles and materials available is pretty astounding. The style … Continue reading

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change of plans – take 2

In the end the living room was not remodeled to accommodate my lovely hydrangeas. I know, I know… big talk, little action. In my defense, I made the wreath and gave it as a gift. To my sister who mentioned … Continue reading

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wrap it up

With December just around the corner I planned to create a tutorial for wrap, or ladder, bracelets similar to the ones I have in my etsy shop. They’re pretty straightforward to make even if you haven’t made any jewelry and … Continue reading

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